Electricians Derry – About Us

Derry ElectriciansElectriciansDerry.com  has come about because we see so many people who live in Derry, Londonderry and the North West, who need an Electrician – and they have start scrolling through Google. It is so annoying to have to scroll through page after page of results and the crazy thing is that when you key in ‘ Electricians Derry’, you even get results from Derry , New Hampshire in the US. So, we decided to create a forum where potential customers are able to check out local Derry electricians who very often don’t have a web presence.

Electricians Derry – recognizing good Derry electricians

We often come across Derry electricians, who do great work, but don’t get the recognition they deserve. We then sort out their marketing, by doing a business biography which explains who they are, what they do and where they do it.In many cases, we also record a business video for them, which we include on their page, so that the viewer can see who they are going to be dealing with. We know that this improves results, because if you call one of our Derry electricians, after reading the business biography and watching their video – you feel that you already know them, when they call round.

Electricians Derry – from emergency electricians in Derry to Electrical Contractors in the North West

Even if you’re looking for emergency electricians in Derry/L’Derry, we have Service Providers who will clearly state whether they do 24/7 callouts, terms and conditions and areas that they service – so that you have a clear understanding of their services.

Electricians Derry – showing the best electricians in Derry and the North West

ElectriciansDerry.com, is an ideal shop front for every customer requirement in Derry, Londonderry and the North West.  Take your time researching our selection of Derry electricians, from emergency callouts, routine repairs, maintenance or larger electrical contracts, we can help.