Summer is drawing to a close and at we are hearing customers and especially Electricians make comments about the longer evenings beginning to draw in.  Yes there is a slight chill in the evening air, the kids are back at school and the apple trees are very tempting, but there is still hope of getting a few more evening BBQ’s before we put it away for the winter.

There has been a lot going on in the North West this year, from the Tall Ships event to the constant flow of visitors to the city and as things begin to slow, spare a thought for the Derry Electricians who are helping to sort the fall out from last night’s thunder and lightening storm.

I heard a number of home alarms activate because of the short power cut, the alarm companies were being kept busy anyway.

One Derry Electrician I was speaking to, said that one of his friends spent most of the small hours, racing from home to home, because angry neighbors were getting upset at the lost sleep, without thinking of the emergency Electrician losing HIS sleep – and still having to do a his day’s work, the following day.

Another Electrician in Derry/L’Derry has developed a loathing for spiders – I laughed to myself to think of a big brave Electrician, cowering for fear of a Daddy Long Legs – until he told me that with the weather now becoming cooler, many are starting to move into homes and buildings, for the Winter.  OK, I thought, that seems sensible, until he explained that these spiders often climb across security sensors – activating alarms !

The moral of the story is that it is often a good idea to occasionally clean your sensors with some insect repellant, and cut down the chances of false alarm activation from our local arachnids.

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