With the way the economy is performing, we all need to keep an eye on our out goings, and if your home is like ours – I am constantly running round turning off lights and computers and TV’s which always seem to be on standby.

We have three teenagers and there are constant demands being made on WIFI, tumble driers, emersions, cookers and lights.  Yet we fully expect things to work when we throw the switch – this proves that the systems we have in place are very reliable, and there is a professional team of Electricians behind each system.

Several years back, we had a power cut and there we had three kids with no wifi – it was as if the world was about to end. Picture the scene, a teenager sitting with a tablet in their hand and no internet – in their minds, they were faced with having to find something to do, that doesn’t involve scrolling through Google.

We sat for several hours, I read a book, there was complete silence and there was a sense of calm for about two hours. I looked up several times, to see kids become absorbed in a book, by torchlight – I couldn’t really believe it – after ranting about no one reading books any more, there was the evidence – kids do not have the attention span of a goldfish – they just need parents to encourage them to come off their devices.

The end of the story was, that suddenly the silence was interrupted by a flash of light and TV’s and computers started to reboot with a wall of sound, and the whoops of delight of ecstatic kids. Just when I was just starting to enjoy the peace.

My heart sank into the pit of my stomach, as I adapted to ‘normality’, I thought of the tranquility that had been relinquished, in the name of entertainment – oh well, maybe power cuts have a good side too – pity they didn’t happen more often.